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Mining Trucks 798 AC

        Mining Trucks 798 AC is the latest series in its class line which is intended to get a transport vehicle that is better than its predecessor series. This truck is often dubbed the 372ton truck because of its strength in carrying a larger load. It was even dubbed the leader of the 410ton payload because it provides the highest standard payload in its class. This is also supported by good speed capability, good brake slowdown system, and easy access to maintenance. This series is also proven by its good controllability compared to its competitors electric drive trucks. The performance of the truck can also be driven even more optimally thanks to the TorqueBoost technology that allows it to work in the toughest conditions.

        For engine performance, the CAT company entrusts this series with the C175 engine which has 2 power modes that can be selected and adjusted according to needs. Operators can configure in US EPA Tier 4 Final mode or EU Stage V mode. This machine has also been proven reliable and is used all over the world. C175 in collaboration with a power of 3500 HP produces optimal and sustainable performance. To support this sustainability, this truck is also designed with a sturdy vehicle body and comes from selected raw materials, thus providing a long service life. The efficient body design also makes the truck load space bigger. Then it is also designed with easily accessible component parts so that any problems can be resolved quickly.

        In terms of fuel consumption, this truck is proven to be efficient in using emissions resulting in a longer service life and reduced operating costs. Operators will also be more confident when using this truck thanks to various security supports or advanced technology systems owned by the vehicle. Just imagine, various standard safety facilities are facilities that are mandatory for vehicles, ranging from automatic braking systems, dynamic deceleration, integrated ROPS and FOPS, entrance sensors, anti-reverse, wider field of view to improve the best work visibility, wider entry steps, four-corner wet disc brakes, and so on.

        Mining Trucks 798 AC is made with great care and according to standard company procedures, so it is not surprising that all CAT vehicles are proven to be reliable in increasing productivity, saving fuel consumption, and easy service access. Truck load guidelines refer to Caterpillar 10/10/20 which can provide a balanced load composition between components. 

Bona Pasogit
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