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Mining Trucks 797F

        Mining Trucks 797F is one of CAT's flagship trucks that is proven to have various advantages over competitors in its class. Through this truck you will find the best payload for greater productivity, the best security system, the best body structure, as well as optimal and sustainable performance. The 797F series is dubbed as the most productive series capable of carrying larger loads, has a total weight of 400tons and an engine power of 4000 HP. These specifications provide lower operating costs per tonne, thereby increasing your profit.

        Mining Trucks 797F is known to be very efficient in reducing operating costs. Able to reduce operating costs by 20% and reduce maintenance costs by 25%, save oil and lubricant costs by up to 35%, and reduce fuel use for better environmental health. In addition, every component of the truck is made from the finest selection of raw materials allowing for less and less maintenance costs. In terms of performance, the 797F series cannot be doubted because it is able to go faster on various road conditions, even on steep/uphill roads. This is supported by a super tough 20-cylinder C175-20 diesel engine that is capable of driving up to a speed of 60 km/hour.

        Similar to other series made by CAT, this truck is also equipped with standard security systems and advanced security to support the safety and security of the operator's work, so that the operator becomes more confident and more focused. Operators are also pampered with a more efficient vehicle condition detection system thanks to the automatic detection system in real time, allowing them to know what is around the vehicle thanks to the installed radar and camera system, providing accurate visual and audible indications of the detected object. It is also equipped with a combination of short and medium range radar to help operators detect nearby objects. And all of that is presented in an informative touch screen menu interface.

        In the mining industry, operator costs and fuel costs are often one of the most expensive expenses. Therefore, the engineers continue to strive to develop the most fuel-efficient trucks. This is thanks to the support of a power mode system that can be adapted to conditions in the field. There is a save mode for less difficult terrain and a full power mode for more extreme terrain. This Eco-mode system has been proven to provide fuel savings of up to 3.5% per cycle.

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