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Mining Trucks 796 AC

        Mining Trucks 796 AC is an electric drive truck made by CAT which is known for its flexibility in carrying various types of mining materials/products in its class. This truck is specifically designed for transport vehicles in mining. However, it is not limited to that place because it can be multifunctional, whether in construction, government projects or other projects. To support this flexibility, the 796 AC is powered by a 3500 HP engine and weighs 1270000 lb. All series of CAT trucks are made by the company's engineers to work optimally and last longer, including the 796 AC series which is capable of carrying loads of up to 317 tons. This larger capacity is supported by the use of larger and more durable 59/80 R63 tires. You are also served with easy and reliable service because the CAT company itself has provided service points for its loyal customers.

        One of the advanced technologies owned by the 796 AC series is TorqueBoost which is able to maximize performance even in the toughest conditions, of course with a lower life cycle and operating costs. The company's designers are constantly trying to make efficient truck designs to get maximum payload capacity. Efficient design combined with a suitable engine selection and integration between other components. CAT is entrusting the C175-16 engine series to the truck this time around, where two manpower options are available between US EPA Tier 4 Final or EU Stage V. The C175-16 engine is proven reliable worldwide and has been used for more than 4,500 units with an operating time of more than 21 million hours.

        The truck body structure is designed for easier service access and lower maintenance costs. Work efficiency and operational costs are key for CAT in developing this vehicle. Therefore, the 796 AC series is designed to use fuel efficiently and effectively, for example by using the Common Rail Fuel System which can optimize energy consumption and emission output. Then there is the Enhanced Engine Oil Filtration (EEOF) Package which functions as an oil filter and saves on the use of the oil.

        Mining Trucks 796 AC offers easier maintenance with less frequency. The intake manifold and turbocharger are located outside the engine, giving technicians more room to work on top of the engine and in the engine bay. It can be concluded that Mining Trucks 796 AC is a type of truck that is made for work efficiency in various ways, both in terms of performance, fuel consumption, larger carrying capacity, to ease of service. 

Bona Pasogit
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