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Off-Highway Trucks 770

        For more than 50 years, the CAT company has experience in developing quality trucks that are tailor-made for the rigors of the mining and construction industry. They continued to make improvements, innovations and refinements until the Off-Highway Trucks 770 was born which is proven to be reliable and efficient for use in mining or project construction. This truck is equipped with a Traction Control System (TCS) which allows the truck to continue to drive on even imperfect ground. Traveling at speeds of up to 45.8 miles/hour gives operators more confidence and improves performance. Improvements made to the truck include cabin updates, noise reduction, and increased safety for your ongoing business. CAT itself assures that Off-Highway Trucks 770 can provide the best experience for your mining industry.

        To maximize performance, Off-Highway Trucks 770 is equipped with a Cat C15 diesel engine which has 2 working modes between US Tier 4 and EU Stage V. The C15 engine has gone through various stages of testing and has met quality standards for efficient fuel delivery and delivery, air processing and better diagnostic management. The result is highly efficient machines in every production line. Thus providing greater performance in various terrains traversed, even on extreme inclines.

        Some of the main and additional features of the 770 series include: automatic voltage filling, fuel priming lock, idle start and shutdown, easy service access, optional engine brakes, fuel injectors, and various other features. The integration of the torque converter with the transmission maintains performance and payload. The transmission is managed by APECS which allows power to flow through the gearshift points for better speeds. APECS also regulates clutch pressure for longer working durability.

        Fuel economy is the key in getting maximum profit that can reduce operational costs. Therefore, this truck is equipped with a working mode that can be adapted to the needs and conditions of the field. There is a Standard Economy Mode and an Adaptive Economy Mode. Standard economy mode is proven to reduce power 0.15 to 15 percent of emissions. Adaptive Economy Mode allows the truck to work stably and sustainably. Both modes can be selected and adapted to the conditions encountered in the field. 

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