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Off-Highway Trucks 772G

        The 772G series is the best choice for those of you who want to reduce operating costs with the best fuel consumption efficiency. This is done by controlling engine emissions. All CAT products are proven reliable and meet the specified emission standards. Each component is designed to be easy to use, manage and maintain. One of the advantages of the Off-Highway Trucks 772G is the additional feature of DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) fluid which can provide an additional 27 liters of fluid. Then there is a temperature control system (hot or cold) to regulate the system that is working. In addition, there are many maintenance features to keep the machine stable, durable and sustainable. For example with the reduction of NOx in the engine, low sulfur fuel support which can minimize the risk of corrosive so that the engine life becomes longer.

        The efficient fuel consumption of Off-Highway Trucks 772G does not reduce its performance, instead it keeps the engine performance stable in various conditions. Even the truck is capable of driving up to a speed of 49.2 miles / hour. This extraordinary ability is also supported by the best security system in supporting the security and safety of the operator. Equipped with hydraulic rear brake and disc front brake for easy maintenance access. Then also equipped with a hydraulic accumulator and parking brake. Several types of brakes are used according to truck conditions/conditions in the field. For example, the service brake is used to hold the truck at a 20% incline, while the parking brake is used to hold the truck at a 15% incline. In addition, the automatic deceleration system has certainly become a standard feature of this series which is able to maintain engine speed at around 2,200 rpm.


        In terms of body structure, Off-Highway Trucks 772G is made to be able to reach a calculated load with a larger capacity. All body components are made of selected raw materials with a sturdy structure. The dual tilt body is designed to keep the load stable at various slope retentions so that it concentrates the load at the best point. For more than 50 years, CAT has developed various types of heavy equipment to support your mining/construction industry. Therefore, in terms of service, there is no doubt about its reliability. Service access can be easily reached by professional and reliable CAT technicians. 

Bona Pasogit
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