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Drills MD6200


        The maneuverability of each particular type of drills is different and the best among them is falling on one of the caterpillar products with the Drills MD6200 type. This type of drills is the smallest drill bit with the smallest envelope, however, it is precisely the smallest envelope that makes this tool work faster so it takes less time, especially in accessing the drill pattern and when moving from one hole to another. The smallest shipping envelope can also facilitate the transport process by a pole that has been installed at that location. In addition, in an effort to improve stability and durability these drills are also supported by the Cat 336 excavator type undercarriage because of its superiority in performing the best even in the toughest conditions, coupled with the traction force that this machine can generate, as well as having the best drawbar draw that is not can be defeated.

        The electronic control strategy contained in the MD6200 can reduce fuel consumption in addition to its maximum performance. Another benefit is that it can help adjust the compressor to hydraulics by reducing engine rpm from 1800 to 700 with Tier 2 and 4 type engines which are also accompanied by adjustments to variable volume air controls to suit the application and of course also adjusted to the request of one of the compressors. and hydraulics, so it can indirectly increase the performance efficiency of this machine. There are also other offerings from this machine in the form of drill assistance and terrain paints. This assistance can be in the form of an automatic drill, automatic jack, and automatic leveling found in drill assist, then there is also assistance in the form of drill depth measurement that can help overcome advantages or disadvantages when drilling. In addition, there is a health and performance monitoring feature so that you can ensure that work is running smoothly.

        The cabin offered by the MD6200 also really supports the operator's comfort while working, moreover, this operator's seat has been upgraded as a heated and ventilated seat with ergonomic controls so as to keep the operator from excessive and prolonged fatigue due to the cabin conditions that make the operator comfortable at all times. Behind the comfortable cabin there is also a multifunctional joystick control accompanied by an intuitive touch layer that makes it easier for the operator to control through the three available cameras and safety will be maintained. The rest of the control is done by proven paint electronics because there is a platform that is capable of being the most automotive solutions in the future. In addition, operators will also get other conveniences on this MD6200 in the form of ease of troubleshooting and monitor performance, because it also includes Product Link Elite which is tasked with tracking performance over time.

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