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Remarriage for Prince David Bagration-Mukhransky

Prince Davit and Princess Irina Bagration-Mukhransky of Georgia.

Sometime during 2020, Prince David Bagration-Mukhransky (b.1976) married Irina Begashvili. Today, the Facebook page of the Georgian Royal Family wishing its followers a Happy New Year; it referred to “Crown Prince David of Georgia” and “Irina, Crown Princess of Georgia.” Naturally, the message did not mention when exactly David and Irina wed.

Prince Davit and Princess Ana at the baptism of their son Prince Giorgi, 2013.

From 2009-2013, David was married to Princess Anna Bagration-Gruzinsky (b.1976): the couple had one child, Prince Giorgi Bagration-Bagrationi (b.2011). 


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