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Underground Mining Load Haul Dump (LHD) Loaders R1300G

        Underground Mining Load is a mandatory mining vehicle that is operated for levelling or carrying underground mining materials. Loaders R1300G is an Underground Mining made by CAT which is designed to work as efficiently as possible in a variety of conditions. It has a total vehicle weight of 13tons with a powerful 123kW engine that produces 12,000 kg of breaking power for maximum performance. The vehicle is able to carry more material thanks to the excellent and even weight distribution throughout the vehicle body, in accordance with the vehicle's vision to lower the cost per ton which is cheaper and more efficient.

        Loaders R1300G has implemented Go Green so that any emission that comes out will not have a significant negative impact on the surrounding environment, this is because it uses a diesel particulate filter that can reduce hazardous materials from the fuel emissions released, thus making the air quality better in the mining environment. The engine model used is the Cat® 3306B DITA series which is capable of producing a gross power of 165 HP with a nominal payload capacity of 14991 pounds. The engine is widely acclaimed and proven to be reliable and durable even at more frequent usage levels. Engine performance can reach maximum but with less fuel consumption. The upgraded engine is matched by increased torque which allows for effective transmission shifts when traversing steep grades, digging and crashing.

        Loaders R1300G is a vehicle that is very concerned about the maximum work durability factor without giving significant fatigue to the vehicle. This is because it is equipped with various supporting facilities such as oil-cooled pistons that can maintain piston quality and dissipate excess heat. Then there is also a cylinder liner water cooler that provides maximum heat transfer when the engine is running. In addition, there is also a turbocharger which can provide more efficient fuel consumption through the mechanism of packing cooler and denser air into the cylinders, resulting in more complete combustion of power and fewer emissions. This is proven in the efficiency of engine performance. The fuel intake uses a high-pressure injection system that provides the best fuel injection automation.

        The vehicle's transmission system uses 4 speed options that have been matched with a proven diesel engine for more constant power over a wide range of operating speeds. This vehicle is also designed to be able to produce in extreme underground mining so that every vehicle structure is strong and straightforward. The frame is designed to be able to withstand the extreme forces generated during the work cycle so that every manufacturing process is made as precise as possible to ensure all designs can be formed consistently and of high quality.

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