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Track Loaders 973K

        It is a reliable heavy vehicle that can do even a number of jobs, from excavation, levelling, land & vegetation clearing, slope work and so on. So, with this 1 type of heavy equipment you can do a lot of work though so it is perfect for those of you who want to optimize work without having to spend a lot of money to buy other types of heavy equipment. This is thanks to the compatible attachment options including buckets, forks, and so on. This will result in a longer than usual duration of use of the machine considering the amount of work that can be done. For this reason, the 973K Track Loaders use the Cat C9.3 engine which produces a wheel force of 275 HP with a maximum load capacity of 4.2 yd³. The vehicle also has an operating weight of 63900lb with a quieter engine noise level than its competitors making it more comfortable in the working environment.

        The 973K's proven track loader performance is backed by an efficient hydraulic system. The most interesting thing about this vehicle is its ability to handle heat so it is suitable for use in the steel industry though. Heavy and extreme steel mills can be overcome without significant slag. The vehicle will also remain safe from exposure to heat because there are special shields and high temperature seals throughout the vehicle structure. Some of the other heat shields include welded side blades, anti-abrasion guards, lightning splash guards, special heat-resistant cab guards, cab top steel plates, metal-coated windshields, fire-resistant hydraulic fluids, and so on.

        Track Loaders 973K is described as a vehicle that can save money and operating time because of its multifunctional nature for various construction and industrial work applications. Of course, with the best work performance but more efficient fuel consumption. Proven by the use of 25% less fuel supported by an eco-emission mode that can be adjusted to the work being done. This vehicle also has reduced maintenance time thanks to the tilted cab and easy-to-reach service access points that are supported by professional CAT technicians to deal with any problems you encounter.

        Easy access to vehicle cleaning thanks to the effective cooling system of the engine compartment. Coupled with the LisionLink technology remote monitoring system that can facilitate the latest monitoring of every vehicle condition. This allows the vehicle to operate for decades into the future with routine maintenance carried out.

Bona Pasogit
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