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Track Loaders 953


        Efficiency is needed for those of you who are target-oriented and maximum profit, especially in the construction sector which requires careful planning and preparation to get maximum profit. Therefore, CAT has been here for more than 50 years accompanying you to success through the various masterpieces it creates. One of them is the Track Loaders 953 which is very efficient in carrying out any mining construction work or building projects. This is thanks to its highly multifunctional capabilities in various jobs such as truck loading, grading, slope work, excavation, land clearing, and more. So that it is proven to save operational costs and work time. With this one reliable machine you can do all the work efficiently. You can work faster with lower ground pressure but have better traction, so all ground-related work can be done quickly with outstanding fuel efficiency.

        To support performance, this vehicle is equipped with a highly efficient Cat C7.1 engine that produces power and responds quickly even under stressful conditions. It has a wheelbase of 160 HP with an operating weight of 34594 lb and a load capacity of 2.4 yd³. Track Loaders 953 have the best performance as they are able to save up to 10% less fuel consumption per working hour. This is because it meets US EPA Tier 4 Final / EU Stage V / Japan 2014 / Tier 4 Final Korea emission standards. Coupled with the fuel consumption options that can be adjusted to the job including power mode, eco, and automatic mode. In addition, vehicle control is made as easy as possible to operate so that it can be affordable by many operators. Steering response is made as smooth as possible with improved performance proven to provide better control.

        As previously mentioned, this vehicle is a solution for those of you who want to get maximum profit with only 1 vehicle that can complete more than 5 jobs, of course with the same operator. There are many choices of attachments that can be replaced quickly such as buckets, forks, undercarriages, track shoes, wheel loaders according to the work being done, of course they are configured and matched with the vehicle. There's even a waste handler attachment built specifically for the toughest operations. However, the demands of heavy work will not make the 953 Track Loaders experience significant damage because this vehicle is designed to be able to operate for decades. Therefore, the vehicle is also supported by an integrated automatic routine maintenance system including engine cooling fans, easy access to engine service points, a fast undercarriage cleaning system, a tilted cabin design to facilitate the maintenance process, as well as a diesel particulate filter system. 

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