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Compact Track Loaders 299D3 XE Land Management

        As a land management vehicle, this vehicle is very suitable for use in various fields, both for the formation of forest vegetation, agricultural vegetation, land evaluation and so on. Proven to be effective in controlling vegetation, mowing grass, making mulch, cultivating agricultural land and so on. Performance optimization is supported by the Cat C3.8 engine capable of producing 110 HP gross power with an operating weight of 12764 pounds. The engine is also combined with a high-pressure flow hydraulic system up to a pressure of 70 kW (94 hp). This makes the machine very reliable and provides high production power.

        Compact Track Loaders 299D3 XE Land Management is a solution for those of you who are engaged in vegetation management business, either for independent or government projects. This vehicle is very effective in using fuel without overfilling because it has 80% capacity of a large auxiliary fuel tank, the external tank makes the vehicle operating time up to 12 hours. The total fuel tank capacity is as much as 220 L for longer operation. Apart from being reliable, this vehicle is also durable and safe, the vehicle engine is coated with seals and engine guards which allow for lower engine maintenance costs. The result is 30% more operational capacity so it has a better operating value too.

        One of the highlights of the 299D3 XE Compact Track Loaders is the XE hydraulic system which is capable of maximizing leading-edge horsepower with efficient fuel consumption. In addition, it is also supported by a high-performance power train through the Electronic Torque Management system to support the best performance than its competitors. The machine as the core of production is in a safe position and protected from various risks of damage by impact or bouncing material debris. Therefore, this vehicle can provide additional benefits because maintenance costs are very low or almost non-existent.

        Operators are presented with various facilities and super comfortable workspaces that greatly support work productivity. The serenity and comfort of the workspace is one of the keys to sustainable production for more profits. This can be found in this series of vehicles. The operator's working environment is cleaner and quieter due to the tight and pressurized cab and more comfortable and wide work visibility. The vehicle controls are designed in a joystick that is comfortable to hold and easy to use, the operator seat is also designed to be as comfortable as possible with excellent temperature control.

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