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Track Material Handlers MH3250


        The MH3250 is one of the superior engines from Caterpillar which is 20% less maintenance costs and up to 15% fuel economy but is able to be productive every day even more than the previous product, the 330D MH. Moreover, the use of the engine is a C9.3B engine which is able to have an impact on the material handling required even in the toughest operations. So that it can be ensured in any conditions with the use of a new engine and long maintenance intervals will produce optimal performance with the latest advantages that lie in the reverse fan cooling system and the variable width of the mechanical undercarriage. The performance of the undercarriage is very flexible because it is adjusted to the needs during operation, which to facilitate transportation, the undercarriage will increase, while the lifting capacity of the undercarriage will increase so that it increases. The increase is also influenced by biodiesel that can be used up to B20 which is equipped with smart mode so that this 107700 lb operating machine is able to get more work done.

        The various smart modes designed on the MH3250 have 3 main tasks consisting of providing maximum power as needed, the ability to adjust working conditions based on engine and hydraulic power, and reducing power when not much power is needed so that at that time fuel economy is not activated. . The power mode configuration is stored in Operator ID along with the selected program and joystick so that it can automatically remind the operator of the choice. Please also note that this MH3250 meets U.S. emission standards. EPA Tier 4 Final with a complement in the form of an electro-hydraulic system that is able to control the engine as needed by balancing the power and efficiency produced. Moreover, this machine is enhanced with a new cabin that is complete and large in size so as to provide comfort to the operator. The comfort is certainly created from the ease of reaching the steering control devices, then the comfortable seats that are ventilated and heated, also equipped with a hydraulic cab riser.

        As for the superior services offered, one of which is synchronizing fuel changes for all filters at 1,000 hours with the hope of other filters in the integrated air cleaning. While the hydraulic oil filter replacement period is 3,000 hours – 50 percent so that the cleanliness of the oil is maintained which is also assisted by an anti-drain valve. There are even services that offer debris removal from materials, all of which can be tracked and controlled via a high-resolution 10-inch cabin monitor equipped with 42 languages and touchscreen. Other comfort is also determined by climate / temperature according to the ability of the material handler with a standard ambient temperature of 52°C and cold temperatures starting from -32°C. Apart from comfort there is also safety to be gained by the operator and the work environment as there is an 1800-lumen standard LED exterior light to illuminate the surrounding environment. Even when in an emergency situation there is a cabin lowering valve equipped with FOGS (Standard Falling Object Protection System) to prevent flying debris from falling.

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