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Off-Highway Trucks 777G

        Is a truck that is made for the long-term sustainability of business in the mining industry or similar industries. This is because G series trucks are designed to offer operator strength, comfort, safety and confidence. The G series is a continuation of the F series with various updates and improved performance improvements. This truck is proven to be more efficient in using fuel and more than 13% of emissions can be saved, this is supported by the Adaptive Economy Mode which also functions in maintaining productivity. Improved operator comfort is made possible by the addition of a left side seat for greater comfort. Proven performance improvements make work faster and more efficient with better traction control.

        Off-Highway Trucks 777G are built with the best standard of safety facilities that make operators more confident. Operator confidence is very important so that he can work efficiently, quickly and profitably. The footing and stability of the vehicle is made as solid as possible to reduce the risk of slipping, check points are made above ground level, automatic deceleration control, four corner parking brake, wet disc braking system, then there is also a new traction control system. To support wide and comfortable work visibility, the monitoring system is equipped with object detection devices that use cameras and radar. In addition, there is also a visual warning of objects or people near the machine.

        Operator comfort is also a CAT priority in the design of each truck. The 777G series provides everything an operator needs. Soft seats that can be modified and fully suspended, additional coach seats, easy cabin access, ergonomic control system, silencers to reduce vibration and noise, additional power windows on the left side, integrated three-point seat belts. Speed ​​limits are made to overcome the risk of shutdown, then to anticipate shutdown it is also equipped with a secondary steering system

        For performance, this series is equipped with a C32 engine capable of driving up to a speed of 41.7 miles / hour. Every part is built for the best long term value and durability for reliable performance. The CAT company has guaranteed all its products to work optimally with excellent durability. The vehicle frame is designed for off-road capability and is designed for more than one life cycle.

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