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Wheel Material Handlers MH3022

        The Cat C7.1 engine is one of the machines frequently used by Caterpillar products as it is renowned for its superiority in delivering high productivity so that the machine meets US EPA Tier 4 Final Emissions standards. One of the Caterpillar products that use this type of machine is the Wheel Material Handlers MH3022 with an operating weight of around 21,815-22,930 kg. The MH3022 is specially designed for low cost successful material handling in recycling and industrial applications. Apart from these applications, there are certain applications that must be met, namely the engine must meet EN356 P8B and P5A standards so that the resistance to several options is higher, especially on the windshield, so that the engine can withstand various conditions. The efficient hydraulic system with flexible adjustment in setting the best speed and precision reduces fuel consumption so that it saves 10% while increasing productivity with the support of other components and features.

        With various power strategies and technologies accompanied by several attachments, the versatility will be greater so that this machine can suit your needs and of course with fuel savings. The strategies for saving fuel include turning off the engine idle, automatic engine speed control, and the implementation of an increasingly improved eco mode. There is also a technology that supports maximum performance, namely transparent emission technology accompanied by a special swing pump that is tasked with combining faster and more precise movements. Moreover, the MH3022 is equipped with an axial fan to efficiently regulate the temperature of high cooling, thus making this machine designed with the convenience of routine maintenance items but still in a low maintenance period, especially when accessing from ground level with a liquid faucet.

        In various other configurations, it turns out that there are several options for expanding skills, starting from a drop nose stick measuring 4.5 m with the ability to transport materials at once without having to release the stick. Then there is also a choice of linkage lengths that involve front thrust blades for time efficiency along with a variety of attachments for a more perfect application in clearing soil from certain materials. So that various types of work can be completed with various refinements of this machine ranging from grapples to 15 kW Cat generators. The other option is the WH (Waste Handling) package which is equipped with a reversing fan that can clean the air while adjusting the vibrating grille. Even other smart technologies also greatly affect the quality of the MH3022 engine with the addition of Auto Brake and Axle Lock features as an alternative in eliminating several tasks that are less important or can be combined with other tasks simultaneously. These things make the MH3022 very sitable for completing tasks in confined spaces with a maximum travel speed of 16 miles/hour to sort out indoor waste.


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