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Mining Trucks 789

        The key to the success of a mining business lies in the maximum profit obtained, so what are the tips for getting it? The answer is Mining Trucks 789 thanks to the reliability and efficiency found in these vehicles. The truck is able to reduce overall operating costs because it offers the lowest haulage costs in its class. In addition, various spare parts and machine supplements can be found easily at the CAT company. You will be presented with the convenience of the company's best services with easy access to daily service points. But actually you are designed not to go to the service point often because Mining Trucks 789 is equipped with various advanced features that make the engine and truck equipment durable. For example, there is an HVAC system that allows to regulate temperature, ventilation, and air conditions and the entire system works optimally.

        In general, Mining Trucks 789 is powered by a 2100 HP engine and a gross engine weight of 715000 lb. The engine is classified as efficient in using fuel so that it is able to reduce fuel consumption by up to 9% to create maximum profit by reducing fuel requirements. However, the reduced fuel used will have no effect on working performance and will continue to be at optimal engine performance, even making cycle times faster by using electronic transmission control to achieve good acceleration and gear optimization. In its class, Mining Trucks 789 is classified as a medium-capacity transport vehicle, but in fact the truck is designed with a larger cabin (34%) than competing trucks in its class.

      Mining Trucks 789 already uses advanced technology that has been integrated between components, systems, engines, and software in the truck which makes it possible to make regular engine checks and maintenance easier. Operators can easily see the latest machine conditions with real time technology. In addition, the integration that occurs can optimize the entire system to achieve maximum work efficiency with low transportation costs per ton

        The most interesting thing is that the technological solutions embedded in Mining Trucks 789 are really designed to achieve work efficiency at lower costs. This is supported by the LinkTMElite system which is an installed hardware function to collect and send information faster than hosting anywhere and anytime. Then there is Minestar technology that allows for comprehensive engine integration so as to achieve maximum performance from the engine used.

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