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Caterpillar Cold Planers PM312


        Products from Caterpillar are very well known for their reliability, comfort and superiority, especially since most of their products are designed with regional emission standard engines that are a plus in itself. One of them is the PM312 model milling machine that uses a Cat C9.3 engine. Similar to the PM820 type milling machine, this machine is also capable of controlling the transfer of asphalt and concrete even in one track even at full depth. A feature that supports automatic milling speed compatibility is by using a load sensor. In addition, in straight cutting cross-driven traction via a propulsion system is used, which contains the planetary motor. In addition, this highly maneuverable machine also relies on Automatic Idle Control to maintain smooth operation.

            The cutting width on this type of machine is up to 1225 mm (48.2 in), although it does not exceed the PM820, but the quality and performance are not much different. This engine also offers an undercarriage option which is able to create traction balance, while increasing the engine performance speed. Not only that, but this option can also ensure consistent performance of the machine, which is also equipped with an automatic tightening system. In fact, this machine also increases the cutting power of the machine so that it can cut heavier or harder material above average which is supported by the articulation of the right hind leg. In addition, this type of product also pays close attention to the comfort when the machine operates, as the location of its features is adjusted to certain distances so that it is easily accessible by the operator.

        These include the optional windshield, the availability of a touch screen display, a backlit keypad that can be used day and night, seats with standard suspension, and a remote camera. The comfort that is sought is classified as ergonomic because it is more of a simple placement of tools without requiring additional costs or other added tools. Not only that, but this convenience can create high security as well, as is the placement of a remote camera which aims to increase visibility to certain parts such as the conveyor and the back of this tool. In addition, visibility is also increased to prevent errors in operation with the shift that can be done in the 215 mm operating room. Another uniqueness of this tool is that it can make appropriate cuts with the help of the K system paint rotor.

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