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Port Machinery 1


Below 40T Reach Stacker

        The reach stacker is one of the heavy equipment that functions as a material transfer tool in the construction sector and is very suitable for use in small port terminals and medium ports. This stacker reach has a more flexible movement so that it is able to adjust various positions of the material being moved as desired and with relatively fast movement. One type of heavy equipment is Sany's Below 40T Reach Stacker with a high level of safety and faster performance. Below 40T Reach Stacker consists of 3 models, namely SRSC1009-6E, SRSW31H1, and SRSC3532H1-L. One of the technologies applied to this type of reach stacker is the vertical boom lifting technology. This technology is used to ensure safety during stacking through automatic boom position adjustment and monitoring of boom parameters at all times.


        The reach stacker assembly which has a max loading capacity of around 10-35T is also supported by other advanced technologies in the form of dynamic anti-rollover protection technology. This technology is very helpful in the operation process so that this tool can remain balanced so that accidents that often occur such as tipping of the reach stacker can be avoided. As the performance of these tools is supported by real-time work detection which can automatically monitor the status of its performance and be detected if a danger will occur. So that the Below 40T Reach Stacker, which has a max lifting height of around 9500-16200mm, there is no need to doubt and engineers and drivers do not need to worry when using this tool.


Over 40T Reach Stacker

         Transportation of containers in a construction project will always require a reach stacker, because this tool is very superior in terms of handling containers. One type of tool is the Over 40T Reach Stacker launched by the Sany company with a max loading capacity of around 45-50T. Even so, at the time of launching this tool there were many concerns about its performance, because if an accident occurs it will have a big impact. Therefore, prevention efforts are needed as in the over 40t reach stacker which uses dynamic anti-rollover technology and anti-collision technology as an effort to prevent a tragedy from occurring.


        The number of models from the Over 40T Reach Stacker reaches 21 models with the highest max loading capacity, namely the SRST50H1-H model which reaches 50T, while the other 20 models have the same max loading capacity, namely 45T. Even though it consists of many models, this type of reach stacker is generally assembled using the same technology. One of them is anti-collision technology which is very effective in preventing collisions, especially on the boom, frame and spreader sections. Errors during operation can also be avoided by the intelligent control system. In addition, another technology contained in this reach stacker is solid tire suspension technology, with this technology, it will also provide comfort during operation due to the solid tire damping system combined with flexible suspension technology. Based on this, the maintenance of this tool will be easier and more efficient, but has a long life.

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