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Underground Mining Trucks AD60


        As usual Caterpillar always presents a variety of mining tools designed with unmatched systems and features that always satisfy its users, where every new product that comes out is always better than the previous one. Like the AD60 underground mining trucks, which consist of components and systems that have experienced and proven excellence. Moreover, coupled with the use of the engine type in the form of the Cat C27 which is integrated parallel to the US EPA Tier 2 which has been updated beforehand so that it has a higher carrying capacity and the transmission is more optimal and efficient. This strongly supports maximum performance because the engine power is also high with an increase of up to 21.8% from the previous type and will have an effect on better acceleration in the traction force but fuel consumption is still within reasonable limits and not excessive. So, the individual clutch modulation will be suitable when combined with the C27 because it will result in a longer and smoother clutch life.

        In monitoring the performance of the C27 engine, an Electronic Control Module (ECM) was formed to ensure smooth performance and control it so that it runs according to the system that has been set without excluding electronic sensors that work as engine protectors. Control is also carried out on the Electronic Unit Injection (EUI) to configure the fuel to be high pressure because then the fuel used will be more efficient and emissions will be low so that there will be no air pollution due to the smoke released. In addition to this system, there are other systems that make fuel efficient, namely turbocharged and attack by packing cold air into a denser one so that fuel combustion is more complete. The fuel economy is also influenced by the AD60 truck design which is able to withstand cylinder pressure with the presence of two steel crowns on the pistons and this is part of the cast iron block design.

        The AD60 also offers other proven features and systems, one of which is a system capable of handling the engine when operating in complex conditions and steep incline locations, which is a mechanically working powertrain. This power train will be better if the torque converter lock is activated because with this activation it will be easier to move the bearings especially if assisted by the seven speed Cat and rim pull so more power will be sent to the wheels. All these designs are of course to facilitate the work so that the results are maximized in an affordable time, however the operator needs to be made comfortable for optimal performance. As comfort is obtained with the suspension seat design that moves vertically and laterally, to the ROPS and FOPS that can protect the comfort of the operator and the surroundings. Of the many reliability of this AD60, there are other advantages, namely saving operating costs but the machine remains productive with results that are certainly satisfactory.

Bona Pasogit
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