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How to Successfully Sell in a Covid19 Era

Covid19 is creating new sales challenges because buyer behaviour has and continues to change. It has impacted our daily lives and how we go about doing business. Salespeople I have spoken to feel demotivated to the point of becoming immobilized.

The greater fear appears to be failing to achieve sales targets and losing their jobs, than the threat of contracting the virus.

How to Successfully Sell in a Covid19 Era

The current situation is serious, with some industries decimated. However, it has birthed new businesses, and created sales records for others. So, if you are in a sales slump because of Covid19 how can you turn it around?


Beliefs directly affect attitude and in turn impact on self-worth. False beliefs can limit who you can become and what you can achieve. 

Question any negative belief and replace it with a positive attitude. Fear based self-limiting thoughts robs you of your mental and emotional energy and lowers self-worth. A thought is only a thought and nothing else. It does not mean it is true. Notice it, then let it go.

A false belief may have been imposed on you in the past, but an attitude is something you choose. Present Covid19 circumstances will not last, change is always inevitable. High self-worth is needed to function at an optimal level. Remind yourself of the times you were successful and how it felt and take the rush of endorphins with you.

Client contact

You will need to vary and keep in close contact with your clients more than ever during Covid19.

1. In-person

There will be clients who will not want to meet you in-person, but others are open to it. Those who do not, respect their decision and use other forms of contact. Aim for in-person where possible because it is the most effective interpersonal connection by far.

2. Phone

Do not try and sell with every phone call. If you do you will find obstacles will be put in your way. Show your compassionate side by asking the sort of questions you would ask a friend. Covid19 is top of mind for everyone so why not ask about its impact on them personally, and how it has caused changes at work? Many clients work from home so getting through is easier than ever.

4. Video conference

There has been a rapid move to video conferencing since Covid19 which is understandable. It is a valuable cost-effective tool, saving time on travel, allows you to connect with clients who may be at various locations and importantly, there is the eye to eye contact. It can be a better communication tool than a phone but the ultimate connection with a client is in-person.

3. Email

This is still a most popular way for businesses to reach out and connect. If you send an email with product/service offers only, it will end in the trash bin. Use email to keep in touch. Send personal and or business articles you know would interest the client. 

Let them know you have been thinking about them by relating it to a trigger thought, such as a person you recently met had the same last name. Be creative with the subject line so your client will open your email over others.

The number of sales and sales volumes will more than likely be impacted. Do not be overly concerned. Focus on any additional issue/s you may be able to solve for your clients and continue to develop and build the relationships. Your actions will be remembered long after Covod19 goes into the history books. Clients will want to deal with you when this is over.

How will sales change after Covid19, no-one can accurately predict, but one thing is for certain, people prefer to deal with people whom they like, trust and can believe in. Your behaviour can be the differentiator between you and your competitors.

If you want to discuss your situation with Covid19 or any subject on sales/sales strategy then contact me directly on +61 412 252 236 or email kurt@salesconsultants.com.au. Please enter the subject heading Enquiry.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/10343728

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