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6 Tips to Write a "How To" Article

Writing a "How to" article is sequential, step by step or answering questions article. It's not a big deal when you start writing a how to article. You have to know the topic or fact first what you are writing about. Then make a draft and make it a how to article.

6 Tips to Write a How To Article

Tip : 1 Topic selection

Select a topic is an easy task for a how to article. Most people don't realize it. Just think what topic you know most then start writing about it. You can make a questionnaire for the write-up and start answering from the initial.

Tip : 2 Address your reader's needs

Now, you think what you should answer first. Think about your reader, what they may want to know first from you. You can also think about it that you want to know first from any article written by different author. Just put yourself on that position then ask yourself what you want to disclose first to your reader. Easy?

Tip : 3 Do research properly

Research is an important part of any article you are going to write, whatever it how to article or general article or technical. Anything you want to write, you need to do research first. When you want some give some effective information to your audience through the how to article, you have to the matter all along first. Got it?

Tip : 4 Squeeze your draft

Now, you know how to choose your topic and why do research to write a good how to article. In the meantime, you have already made your draft after researching. Now, you have to more conscious about the draft and concise it, compress it, and tighten it to express your thoughts gained by research to express effectively to your reader through the article. Is it tough?

Off course not, I am showing you how!

Tip : 5 Be specific about your topic

Be specific about your how to article and it is more important than anything you have in mind. If you can't do this, then your reader will be confused when they read your how to article. From narrative to explanation, you have to be more specific about topic and examples. 

That's how you can create an effective and interesting to read how to article and definitely get followers and carry respect. Got it?

Tip : 6 Proofreading and revision

The step for a how to article is read it yourself and revise the content if necessary and repeat the process to make an error free how to article. Actually, this method works for every field of articles.

Finally, I hope, you have got everything you need to write a how to article. I wish you happy writing!

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/9991766

Bona Pasogit
Bona Pasogit Content Creator, Video Creator and Writer

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