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New Habit to Reading Novel Online for Free

It has been more than 2 years since outbreak of Covid-19 brought us to new habit. Many aspects in daily life have changed into what we may say “A New Normal” things. 

From daily activities for people with 9-5 jobs to the way students schooling, they formed a new habit to their activities called WFH (Work from Home) and Online Learning, and these methods have influenced to the whole planet to become a new standard in our society. 

New Habit to Reading Novel Online for Free

On the other hand, it is funny how we could say that people who were jobless are heroes because some say their idle activities help reducing the outbreak to spread. But, who knows that this pandemic also brought a kind of activity using internet in other ways. 

One of them was reading novel online. Yes, reading novel online has been a new habit besides watching movies and listening to favorite songs online. You may find people download and install novel reading application on their smartphones. 

Through what I have seen, there were many application provides platform to read novel. And, this kind of “virus” has also infected me as well. Since I got fever to read novel online I have installed 3-4 novel reading application on my Android smartphone. 

GNovel, Bravo Novel, and Suka Novel were applications that have been accompanying me since then. Unfortunately, getting more and more addicted by available titles on those application have costed me so much money. Yes, so much money. 

You need to put a concern when you are addicted to novels in the same way as I am. At first, I just spent 10-20 bucks but you know what? That 20 bucks I spent were able to open 200-300 chapters of novel title only, and an ongoing title I was reading has about 3100 chapters! What the heck! 3100+ chapters actually. 

And it’s still ongoing, not even close to complete! Well, I have spent hundreds of US dollars and finally found myself at a point with no money to be allocated to open more chapters, or I were going to die by starving. 

And since I was really addicted to read novel online then I tried to find any websites that run similar to those Android application. And, I got my lucky day, I found them, I actually I found many of them! If you want to try to find you favorite novel on some websites you can googling it with your favorite title, generally you can encounter search result with many website provides titles you search. 

Most of them are pdf download service and a few really give you a service to read online without to download any single file first. If you like to read novel online and want read them for free like me, try to visit KBM Virtual Free Novel

The cons to read novel from this web is it does not provide hundreds of titles like the Android application does on my phone. But it works to me as long as my favorite titles are available there. So, what you favorite then? You name it! I love to read Married by Mistake and Life at The Top. I’d like to put words about those my favorite novels for a spoiler next time. See you around!
Bona Pasogit
Bona Pasogit Content Creator, Video Creator and Writer

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  1. Great! Thanks for sharing this article. It helps me to read my favo chinese novels easily.