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Road Reclaimers RM500B

        Is a heavy equipment used for levelling the ground or road construction in various development projects? This is the best version in the series because it is equipped with the best engine and various other supporting features. It has a maximum operating weight of 62611 pounds, a cutting width of 96 inches and a gross power of 546 HP. This greatly supports the operation of the machine so that it can work at its maximum condition. RM500B was born from various refinements and improvements over several years so this vehicle was born. In addition, the performance offered by the vehicle requires only a small amount of operating and maintenance costs.

        The C15 engine is entrusted to this vehicle with a gross power of 407 kW (546 hp). In addition, to support good mobility, it is also supported by a combination of large displacement and high torque. The C15 engine is of course compliant with EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards and rigorous preliminary tests to produce the best quality. To support the productivity of the engine to keep it cool, this vehicle is also equipped with a cooling system through an optional cooling fan that can work automatically in exchanging heat and removing accumulated dust. This is proven to put the engine in its best condition with cold temperatures.

        Road Reclaimers RM500B is equipped with various facilities that allow the vehicle to work optimally including, a four-motor drive feature that can provide superior traction on various terrains. Then there is a choice of two speed ranges that can be adjusted to the material being grinded so that the machine can continue to work optimally. Furthermore, there is a pressurized iso-mound cab feature which is proven to reduce engine noise and vibration for greater operator comfort. Operators are pampered with various super comfortable facilities such as a swivel chair with controllable temperature, room temperature/AC, sound absorbing to reduce noise, easy and spacious access, soft floor mat, dual speakers in front, even a ready-to-use radio. In addition, the operator station is designed to work optimally with the presence of a drinking cup holder and a 12-volt power outlet.

        To expand visibility or comfortable work visibility, the vehicle is also equipped with a remote camera and sensor system that can detect the vehicle's position and early warning of collisions with other materials. This camera is positioned at the front and rear of the vehicle which is instantly visualized in an informative LCD monitor screen at the operator station. The monitor screen is designed to be easy to use so that the display is made to be easy to understand, intuitive, and supports navigation. In addition, vehicle control is presented in a mini handwheel steering which is ergonomically designed so that it is very comfortable to grip by hand.

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