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Pipelayers PL72

        Pipelayers PL72 is a type of machine specially designed to assist engineers in handling pipelines under any conditions, even the toughest conditions. This of course makes the components loaded in it must be strong in order to survive and operate optimally like other types of Cat products. Moreover, it is supported by the Cat C9.3 engine which is fabricated by Cat pipe dealers based on various experiences in order to produce the best pipeline performance with the help of super wheel strength that reaches 211 HP. In order for the best performance to be realized, the PL72 involves several other supports, such as an integrated powertrain resulting from the presence of a hydraulic system so that maneuverability increases. The increase in the PL72's maneuverability is also influenced by the differential which is able to perform the best  turns even in a limited area.

        Other improvements were also made to the center of gravity so that this machine with a lifting capacity of up to 90000 lb has the best tilt capability for high productivity. To achieve this, electro-hydraulic is also designed which promises precise control of variable speeds for cranes with higher response. This process certainly does not escape remote monitoring through Product Link which is very effective, especially for the entire management. The other offerings are in the form of ergonomic controls that position the implement and functionality controls in one hand, making it easier for the operator to manage them. Even more controllability is also obtained with the control handle that positions the counterweight, boom, and load correctly allowing it to be extended simultaneously.

        The various conveniences offered by the PL72 will of course always be worth the low operating costs. As the ease of service provided in full on the left side of the engine, dipstick, filler tube, air purifier, to oil & fuel filters. Service for the oil filter is carried out routinely and quickly but fairly standard, as well as for the fuel filter. The drain from the fuel drain tank is of course located at the back of the appliance so that it can engage the hydraulic filter simultaneously for easier servicing from ground level. Behind all that, this PL72 has the main components, namely the engine, transmission, and final drive that need to be maintained with the help of safety features that are more precisely designed for the operator. Among the most important safety features are the Load Moment Indicator (LMI) and an operator presence detection system that allows for idle when the operator is not detected sitting in place. In addition, visibility is enhanced by providing two additional cameras, additional mirrors, enlarged upper windows, to a spacious and comfortable cabin.

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