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        Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) have worked closely with Cat dealers to deliver superior and reliable products with partial systems. This allows Caterpillar to find heavy equipment with specific applications, such as the current WTR model, the 772G WTR BARE CHASSIS. This type of WTR has complied with the ISO 3471 standard so that this machine is certified and guaranteed to have a high level of protection especially for towing applications. This TIER 4 equivalent machine is generally more identical to the garbage truck model with a ROPS tractor that can provide the option of adding cylinders or not. Certified ROPS tractor designed with no less competitive configurations and proven by the capabilities of this 772G that can tackle a wide range of jobs with fast turnaround times. Some of the features that can be used for demolition, able to work in industry, waste, mining, can even do material handling.

        The best design is also applied to the machine which is made without a hoist with a bare chassis weight reaching 59567 lb so that it can be applied to 3 main applications, namely Water Truck, Service Truck and Tow applications. These three applications are so important that they require a WTR with a strong, reliable, and easy-to-apply structure. As in the mining world, which has many projects that must be completed within a certain period of time, it requires a variety of complete and reliable supporting machines to assist operations in order to produce high productivity. This is where the WTR model shows its ability by using an off-highway truck empty chassis that constantly provides convenience in road construction projects so that road work runs smoothly by minimizing the possible obstacles that will occur by preventing them through various available protections. As fire protection and dust suppression can indirectly improve work safety.

        The use of this WTR 772G in service truck applications is not only able to work in the mining sector, but also in the construction sector with a tractor ROPS reaching 74430 lb. As in general, this chosen platform is always reliable with its ability to provide ideal solutions in every application, especially service truck applications. One of the contributions given to this application is to distribute lubricants and fuel efficiently for preventive maintenance of the heavy equipment fleet at the project site. Moreover, international cooperation between the two parties can be adapted to service trucks in place. As for the Tow application, this machine provides convenience for complete equipment trailers and easy bottom dump trailers with a nominal water tank capacity of 11000 gal. So that this 772G WTR Bare Chassis can be used as the best solution for any project and of course it is of very high quality and easy to operate. 

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