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Road Reclaimers RM400

        It is a heavy equipment made by CAT which is used for leveling, rehabilitation, and soil stabilization for the best road construction. This vehicle is the best series than its competitors and has been proven to be used in various road constructions in the world, both government projects and private projects. The CAT company always prioritizes the convenience and comfort of the operator in using each of its products, including in using this RM400 Road Reclaimer. The vehicle is designed with simple controls that allow for easier operation, ergonomics and an improved working environment. Then this vehicle can operate efficiently so that it is proven to be 19% in improving performance. The best maneuverability is also supported by the contour design and 44 cm shorter machine length.

        Operator comfort also lies in improved maneuverability and visibility, which extends the operator's visibility. The easy operating system is presented in an informative touch screen display of 25 cm wide and precise hand steering control makes it easy for the operator to operate with a high level of ergonomics. It is also equipped with a keyless engine start pushbutton which increases safety in an emergency. The security system has also been improved to facilitate employee operator access in using the vehicle, by using the Operator ID code to remember operator profiles and preferences that are stored when logging into the vehicle.

        Overall, the Road Reclaimers RM400 has an operating weight of 58863 lb and a gross power of 415.7 HP. A balanced proportion between the contours of the body and the engine can improve engine performance and productivity on an ongoing basis. To increase maximum working comfort, this vehicle is also equipped with air conditioning and heated air suspension seats at a very comfortable 180ยบ position. Then to get maximum security, this vehicle is also equipped with standard and optional cameras that are monitored on the large screen of the cabin and mounted on the front, rear, and sides of the vehicle. To support performance, this vehicle relies on the Cat® C9.3B engine which can get 19% more power, which is 416 hp.

        Your work can also be done by managing the gradation on a variety of different soil materials, namely by setting at three separate rotor speeds which can be selected while operating. Operators are presented with a choice of three rotors namely Universal, Combination, and Spade according to the soil material being faced.

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