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Off-Highway Trucks 773G

        One of CAT's flagship products is the G series truck which is designed using the latest control technology, and one specific version is the Off-Highway Trucks 773G. The truck is proven to have a performance of more than 30,000 hours, ensuring the truck you order is in the best condition for use. In addition to quality, you can also use fuel efficiently thanks to power saving modes that can be selected and adjusted to the condition of the vehicle or the target you want to achieve. To support performance, this truck is equipped with a C27 engine that can go up to a speed of 41.6 miles/hour

        The 773G Off-Highway Trucks are built on efficiency, ergonomics and performance. Ergonomics means placing control within the most comfortable reach for the operator, provided the best facilities for convenience. Performance puts the truck in optimal condition even in the most extreme conditions/workspaces, and all of that is packaged in the most efficient inter-component structure. The engine runs smoothly and is able to reduce noise by up to 50% from other vehicles. The operator is placed in a comfortable work chair and can eliminate vibration, the temperature in the room can also be controlled automatically with the addition of a new comfortable footrest.

        Off-Highway Trucks 773G is equipped with a variety of intelligent technologies that can increase profitability, the Cat C27 diesel engine used is proven to be able to provide 12% additional power to the drive train, this is also supported by the drive shaft and larger differential gears. The series also introduces a new planetary powershift transmission control known as APECS. The technology can adjust the automotive type gear transmission very well.

        Information and monitoring of the 773G series engine can be carried out automatically with radar and sensor technology, then the information reading is presented informatively in a large touch screen. In addition, there is also VIMS which is a Vital Information Management System in the form of hardware and software that can be used for cargo tracking. Operators can also easily monitor the load being transported through side indicator lights. The light will automatically turn on when the truck is fully loaded. It has also been adjusted to the vehicle cycle time.

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