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Motor Grader 120 AWD

Motor Grader 120 AWD

        Fuel is the main thing needed to operate a machine and of course the need for this fuel will be in accordance with its use. However, if the features on the machine are configured with the aim of high productivity without consuming excessive fuel then it can very well happen. As in the 120 AW Motor Graders which are able to operate in moving more material with fuel savings of up to 15% because this 120 AW uses a Cat C7.1 engine with the application of ECO mode and Cat GRADE Technology. With this advanced technology, the operator can operate the machine with a weight of level 4 reaching 35067 lb according to the power expended, especially in achieving the target slope which is also assisted by the power train component so that the track is less. Another effort to save fuel is the powershift transmission that works to ensure the drawbar power to the ground so that the machine is always in a balanced condition.

        The main offerings provided by Motor Graders 120 AW are in the form of a steering wheel and lever control to enhance better performance with an integrated and validated all-wheel drive option which is also supported by the GRADE technology option. This option can be seen in the touch screen option with light protection to avoid glare on the 203 mm color screen. Moreover, it is equipped with the Cross Slope Indicate option which is able to maintain blade stability which allows us to monitor and read the cross slope periodically with automatic blade movements, so that the use of manual throttle can be reduced. As for the leveling carried out by this machine, there are two features that are used, namely a digital blade slope meter that is performed without manual alignment, and ARO (Attachment Ready Option) which provides a connection to add control technology for more precise alignment. In addition, this machine with a base blade width of about 12 feet has low costs for maintenance that is not too complicated, such as low circle costs, maintenance-free hydraulic brakes, easily accessible filters, strong circle gear durability, and the drawbar option makes alignment tighter, so the savings can be up to around 45%.

        Another offer that this machine offers is the operator's comfort with the selected cab so that this machine can produce better performance to ensure its goal of grading in various projects. This cabin comfort is designed with standard options that are able to provide premium comfort plus a spacious cabin size, cabin cleanliness, and other supporting options. As there is a high-capacity HVAC that can keep the cabin area clean by applying pressure to the cabin by removing the surrounding humidity, and the operator can still breathe fresh air because dust will not be able to enter. There is even a desired ideal temperature configuration through the control of climate options that can be set. In addition, comfort is also very important so this machine is designed with quality cameras so that the operator's view is clear and can ensure safety on the job site. Based on this, this 120 AW engine can be relied on in any project. 

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