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Mining Trucks 785D

Mining Trucks 785D

        Mining Trucks 785D is specially made for the mining industry that can guarantee industrial productivity, performance, comfort and sustainability. As the name suggests, this is a mining product that has been proven to be used in the mining industry in various countries. However, it is not only limited to the mining industry, but can also be used in other sectors such as construction, government projects, and so on. This is thanks to the Tier 4 Final engine that can produce 1450 HP of power. The machine is made as efficient as possible to reduce production costs. Tier 4 is designed to use less fuel and carbon emissions, so it is believed to be more efficient and environmentally friendly. Then the engine axle filtration serves to reduce fuel waste.

         CAT Company continues to strive to create mining vehicles that are reliable, efficient, and safe for the environment. They continue to seek innovation, for example by continuing to research natural alternative energy derived from biofuels and liquefied natural gas which are believed to reduce exhaust emissions. Mining Trucks 785D has a maximum carrying capacity that is supported by a sturdy construction with easy and affordable maintenance techniques. The company also provides easy access to service services to keep your vehicle in top shape, including: easy access to daily service points, engine service, steering hydraulic tank, air filter, battery compartment, engine shutdown, drain and tank. The company also provides vehicle spare parts available at CAT service points.

        Mining Trucks 785D is equipped with various advanced technologies to get maximum performance. In fact, the integrated object detection system is only included as standard equipment on CAT mining trucks. The system is integrated with a radar and camera system that displays visuals and objects detected properly. In addition, you can also add satellite capabilities to detect proximity alerts and avoidance zones, so operators can be ready whenever they are on the job. All information is displayed in a large, adaptive touch screen and an intuitive interface. The most interesting thing is the autonomous Cat MineStar system that allows for operator-free systems, this system is an advanced CAT technology embedded in its transport vehicle products. Cat MineStar is proven to increase productivity, safety and availability even in hard-to-reach mine sites.

          Based on customer testimonials, Mining Trucks 785D can last more than 100,000 hours. Various damaged machine parts can be replaced easily because the company has provided new parts and components that are continuously produced over and over again. All vehicle designs and manufactures are strictly inspected and meet the company's quality and control standards, starting from the engine, body structure, control system, and other supporting technologies.

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