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Mining Trucks 785

Mining Trucks 785

        Transport vehicles are very important in the mining industry because they determine the capacity of the amount of load/product that can be carried to the processing site or simply to move it to a safer place. Therefore, the best transportation vehicle must be chosen and has sufficient capacity, one of which is by using Mining Trucks 785 made by the CAT Company whose reliability is clear. Powered by the proven 1600 HP Cat 3512E engine, the Cat 3512E can adjust speed and accelerate cycle times for maximum productivity with larger payloads. In addition, the engine can also configure emissions to suit the regulatory requirements of different countries. Mining Trucks 785 is the right choice for those of you who are target-oriented and ready to succeed.

         Based on the body structure, Mining Trucks 785 weighs 153ton and tires type 36R51 is bigger and taller, so it can add strength and increase payload capacity. Work efficiency is the key to maximum profit, so Mining Trucks 785 uses an Advanced Productivity Electronic Control Strategy that can reduce cycle times by up to 5%. In addition, it is also beneficial in smoother movement, as well as better gear optimization. To support the stability of the vehicle when stopped, it is equipped with automatic deceleration control and cooled brakes to increase operator safety and security. The most interesting thing is the increase in connectivity with faster data transfer to support access to information, this technology uses a third-party platform that is integrated and connected to the operator.

        The CAT Company has always been committed to ensuring operator safety. Therefore, Mining Trucks 785 is equipped with various safety features that keep the operator focused while working. Current vehicle conditions, guidance information, and electronic controls are presented on an ergonomic touch screen, minimizing clutter and increasing efficiency. The in-cab air filtration system creates a clean and comfortable workspace. The operator's seat is equipped with leather upholstery, lumbar support, cushions and an adjustable seat tilt which is perfect for various operators with different weight/height. Then there is a speed limiting system, machine speed limiting, dynamic stability control, cruise control and others.

        Mining Trucks 785 has been upgraded to reduce the impact on the environment and reduce fuel consumption. This is supported by the Tier 4 Engine which can reduce NOx and particles. So it can burn / consume less fuel, and there will be no combustion when the engine slows down / stops.

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