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Motor Graders 140 GC AWD

 Motor Graders 140 GC AWD


        1. Overview

        The Cat C7.1 engine is one of the most frequently used engine types by several Caterpillar products due to its reliable and unmatched engine reliability. As in the 140 GC AWD motor graders who also use this machine so that the blade can move with consistent precision, it is also supported by a good hydraulic and control system that makes the machine function superior. The advantages of the 140 GC AWD are also derived from other components that have an important role in increasing productivity such as Eco mode which is able to save fuel by 5%, then there is also a powershift transmission designed with the best torque converter capable of producing maximum drawbar power to ground, and throttle control that is able to balance the power output with engine torque.

       2. Features

        The ability to maneuver, which is supported by the all-wheel drive option, matches the name of this machine, especially in helping traction to deal with loose materials so that the work is more efficient. An even more attractive offering is its multifunctional hydraulic system which not only delivers precise performance but also makes it easy to predict in order to achieve a more perfect and consistent grade. This of course can make productivity increase automatically every day and will benefit its users. Moreover, the maintenance costs are cheap but can extend the maintenance cycle because there is a fan that is adjusted to the capabilities of this machine so that operating costs are low. 


        3. Adventages

        Although the operating costs are relatively low, this 140 GC AWD has almost perfect comfort options. As there is a heating system option in the form of HVAC (Ventilation and Air Conditioning) which is capable of filtering air to keep it fresh and preventing dust from entering the room because it can result in a decrease in the function of its features. As usual, caterpillar always offers heated/cooled cabin seats for operator comfort when operating. In addition to comfort, there is also security that will be obtained, some of which are optional dual front cameras, rearview mirrors from two directions, and others. Even day and night visibility will remain good, especially the strategic location of the lights so that even at sunset the operator can see clearly. Therefore, motor graders with a base power of 196 HP are a solution in completing work in mining to be faster but more precise with high productivity and profit.

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