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Motor Graders 140 AWD


        Cat GRADE technology is an advanced technology that optimizes productivity and is only included in some Caterpillar products. One of them is the Motor Graders 140 AWD whose features do not perform repeated work so that it is more efficient because of the paint grade technology. In addition, the 140 AWD engine which has a basic power of 179 HP also uses the same type of engine as the 150 AWD, namely the Cat C9.3 engine which is able to provide the best performance such as being able to reduce the combustion chamber temperature, perform optimal combustion, and others. Equipped with eco mode which is able to reduce fuel use by up to 10% by reducing engine speed for more efficient performance, even though the engine speed is reduced but it has absolutely no effect on the resulting reduced productivity due to the role of other features and technologies consisting of advanced components in it.

        The Motor Graders 140 AWD also features a Countershaft Shift power transmission to deliver even more power to the ground by adapting to Cat engines for unrivaled visibility. The other offering is in the form of a full Electronic Clutch Pressure Control System that can make gearshifts run more smoothly and smoothly through changes in direction so that inch modulation is more optimal. In addition, there is another discussion about Cat Grader technology that was previously discussed a bit, in which this technology has an optional system so that cross-slope can be maintained only through blade control on one side only. With the automatic blade control, this machine with a base power of 179 HP is easier, faster, and more efficient to use, especially when doing equalization. So the technology that provides 2D and 3D control is designed to be very reliable because it contains very important components such as Cross Slope, GPS, laser, and others.

        In addition to focusing on maximum performance results, this machine with an operating weight of 42647 lb is also designed with various features that can ensure safety. As there is a secondary electric hydraulic steering pump which plays an important role, especially when there is a sudden drop in pressure, the hydraulic pump will automatically activate so that the operation can stop immediately. Meanwhile, if there is damage to the heavy equipment, the feature that is in charge of stopping the operation is redundant brakes because it loads the accumulator that helps it. As for the other brakes that have other functions, namely the brakes found on each tandem wheel whose function is not to stop but to eliminate the braking load so that the two previously mentioned features can stop the engine accurately and quickly. In addition, these 140 AWD motor graders are equipped with safety features such as fenders on the front and rear, an electric breaker switch and engine shutdown from the ground, a monitor that can be seen clearly, and so on so that the operator does not worry when operating it.

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