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Motor Graders 14

Cat Company has launched a new range of heavy duty vehicles for your construction or mining needs. One of them is Motor Graders version 14, this vehicle functions in moving various materials to get the best grading project. Equipped with 14 feet long blade and 238 HP engine power makes it able to increase productivity with lower fuel requirements. The Eco Mode feature can save fuel while maintaining productivity. The Graders 14 also has an operating weight of 57250 lb. The larger engine allows for better fuel economy and tool balance.

The Cat Company strives to continue to provide maximum comfort for each of its customers, including the convenience of vehicle operators. This tool is equipped with a convenient joystick control, so as to reduce fatigue due to arm movement. Built-in technology improves accuracy, reduces rework, and saves costs. Graders 14 provide precise grading by lowering engine speed to 15% intervals when the tool bounces, further increasing engine rpm systematically when the grader is stable. To help maintain the desired cross slope, this tool is also equipped with a Cross Slope which can automatically control one side of the blade.

            The Motor Graders 14 is proven to be reliable on a wide range of terrain, thanks to its automatic articulation which allows for automatic articulation when driving around corners, obstacles or even tight spaces. Cat fuel-efficient features meet US EPA Tier 4 Final/EU Stage V, Tier 3/Stage IIIA, or Tier 2/Stage II equivalent emission standards. When the economy mode is activated, the maximum engine speed is limited. For better control, the hydraulic flow works in a balanced and proportional manner so as to ensure all systems work and operate simultaneously. In addition, CAT has always focused on the safety of operators and people in the field. Therefore, Motor Graders 14 is supported by various safety support features, such as a rear view camera to increase rear visibility of the vehicle. 

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