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Hydraulic Mining Shovels 6030

Are you looking for a digging tool that is reliable, effective and efficient? Shovlels 6030 is the answer. The Shovlels 6030 is a machine made by the CAT Company with the features and reliability to work efficiently. This series has an engine output of 1620 HP and an operating weight of 324 tons. This support provides longer engine power with lower fuel consumption. Shovlels 6030 has guaranteed quality and has been proven by many mining companies in various countries. We are sure that this tool is able to answer all your project commitments.

Shovlels 6030 is designed to last longer with reduced maintenance time. Equipment condition and health monitoring can be detected quickly and accurately through CAT technology. Every operator is really spoiled with various CAT technologies so they can get a longer working time. From the steering system, there is an option to choose the most suitable drive system for operation, this is supported by the Cat C27 two-engine diesel system which provides greater mobility, then there is also a single motor electric drive. The C27 engine used in the 6030 series is certified and meets US EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards.

The efficiency of the Shovlels 6030 is supported by an electric driver system that allows no need for refueling, thus providing a lower cost per tonne. Maximum productivity is supported by the TriPower which provides superior leverage and mechanical control. Faster cycle support, increased lift, automatic constant bucket angle thanks to a unique boom design on the hydraulic shovel. The boom cylinder is intentionally designed on a small diameter for good lifting speed. To prevent material spills back into the operator's cab, there is an automatic black roll limit that can place the bucket in a safe position and maximum height.

        As with other CAT machines, the Shovlels 6030 series is also equipped with a myriad of safety features that can put the operator in a comfortable and safe position. Armored windshields are used to protect the operator from material spills, safety switches on the operator's seat, operator seat height at 6.5 m (21 ft 4 in) extending views, and various other safety features.

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