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Hydraulic Mining Shovels 6015B

Is one of the heavy equipment produced by the CAT Company, this tool can work in mining projects to move a variety of mining materials quickly and more. The 6015B is powered by an 813 HP engine with an operating weight of 154.3 tonnes. Thanks to the best-in-class engine it is capable of 15% more productivity. The large hauling capacity can also work on a wide spectrum of heavy construction, such as quarrying and aggregates, and demolition. In addition, the CAT 6015B also provides approximately 20% fuel efficiency compared to its current competitors, thereby cutting fuel costs into productivity. The 6015B is also equipped with an 8.1 m3 (10.6 yd3) bucket providing faster cycle times and greater load per bucket.

The Cat 6015B engine uses 100ton hydraulic shovels for more power, reliability and good service life. The Cat 6015B engine technology is designed for the emission efficiency of diesel engines, featuring a revolutionary engine concept that burns fuel more precisely than ever. Provides a lower combustion temperature extends engine life, is more power-intensive, and provides optimal performance under a variety of conditions. To support machine maintenance, you can come to the nearest CAT dealer, we have skilled and trained technicians who are able to diagnose precisely any problem you experience. They understand Cat engines both inside and out.

In terms of structure, the CAT 6015B is equipped with a modified HEX version of the cabin. This is evident in hundreds of thousands of hours of excavation around the world. You can truly fulfill your commitment with this tool. To support operator safety, the CAT 6015B is also equipped with various features that support security, such as large and wide windows for good visibility, wide windshields, track views from the lower front window, and upper glass windows that can be opened for ventilation. To support work at night, the CAT 6015B is also equipped with LED lights in several parts. The operator seat is also equipped with a seat belt and a comfortable support system. To make navigation easier, there is also a color touch screen that can simplify the operator interface, with just a touch of a finger, the operator can monitor the condition of the tool quickly.

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