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Find Content to Share With Your Tribe

This information was shared by Amy Starr Allen... she is a mentor and awesome teacher as well as a successful online marketer. Her content is always spot on and helpful. Here is information from one of her online videos.

Content is important to provide value and to increase value to your customers. Providing content is where you can show and teach thereby, increasing your value to your customers and your products. These places provide ideas on where to find substance that can be shared with your customers, followers, tribe, group, down-line, etc.

Find Content to Share With Your Tribe

One place to look for ideas to provide content is from discussions you have on social media. Groups in Facebook, MeWe, Parler, and other platforms pose questions that people are wanting to be answered. These questions can help you put together valuable information and answers for your following.

Another place to search is on Google or any search engine. Keywords entered in the search box will give an array of ideas for content to your patrons. Ideas usually pop up as you type in a word... just check out some of those sites and see what can be content for your use.

Pinterest is a site where people post lots of information. You can find almost anything on this platform. You can see a huge variety of things being posted from quotes, to art, to recipes, advertisements, pictures, etc. The list goes on and on and this could yield a plethora of content ideas.

The website titled "answerthepublic.com" takes data from Google and organizes it in a way that will help you organize content. This is a unique site and to help you really learn about what the information can do for you, visit the site and listen to the instructional videos provided for your enlightenment.

Another website "quora.com" shares and helps to expand knowledge of the world. It gives access quickly to you that may not be available at large. It would help you understand different views and understandings that other may have and you don't. Quora is set up to answer questions. Pose a question and get answers to those questions... this give you access to data and content. The search goes on. Enjoy.

YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram Reels and other video sources have questions and comments at the bottom of the videos. Take a look through the comments and evaluate the common threads of questions being asked. These questions and comments can give you ideas for content to share with your customers, friends, tribe or groups.

These few sources gives you a start to a limitless supply of knowledge that you will be able to share and create content which provides value to you and eventually leads to sales and profits. Good luck to you on your quest for messages to develop your relationship with your list of customers.

If you want help or if you want to develop your business online contact me at bill@williamfeaver.com or visit my affiliate page at https://williamfeaver.com thank you.

Article Source: https://EzineArticles.com/expert/Bill_Feaver/622494

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