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Cold Planers PM313 Track


        Advanced integrated technology has always been applied to caterpillar products, as found in one of its products, the PM313 Track Cold Planers. As an example of the use of integrated technology in PM313, namely the K system rotor which has a positive effect on several aspects such as milling precision which can make cuts with perfect results as expected, because the cutting pattern is very well planned and the speed in completing the job. Not only that, ease of service and a longer service life will be obtained from the rotor system. This is coupled with a variety of other rotor options with the desired cutting width so that it does not become an obstacle to creating high productivity, especially with the availability of options for urban and utility projects.

        It should also be noted that the PM313 carries out improved operations as evidenced by the excellent operator visibility adjustment of the cutting area so that the operator can work optimally in an ergonomic work area. Some of the designs on the PM313 are in the form of an optional rotor rotating device, sophisticated traction and steering controls, and the availability of spare parts. The design turns out to make it easier for us to access the service area, and can speed up and facilitate the maintenance process, so that the PM313 is stated to be able to provide excellent service even though it seems simple. Besides that, of course there is a superior type of engine used by the PM313, namely the Cat C9.3, where the advantage of this machine is that it is able to operate smoothly and very efficiently which is also supported by automatic idle control, automatic load sensing, and a high capacity cooling system.

        Due to the achievement of a superior engine, other systems were also implemented to add to the excellence of the PM313, including automatic traction control, optional ballast ballast kit, robust propulsion system, and the availability of undercarriage options that are full of reliability. It is also equipped with a planetary motor which plays an important role in straight cutting so that the pattern can be adjusted and moved by cross traction. The consistency of speed you get when you are in a very challenging situation, which is the result of the automatic traction control that has been implemented. Even traction balance and maneuverability can be realized through the proven undercarriage options which make the track life longer and of course this is very beneficial, especially for the user.

Bona Pasogit
Bona Pasogit Content Creator, Video Creator and Writer

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