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Caterpillar Backhoe Loaders 415F2


        The Backhoe Loader manufactured by Caterpillar is renowned for its advanced and comprehensive features and high levels of reliability and productivity. One of them is the type 415F2 which offers optimal performance, unmatched safety and comfort, superior hydraulics, to a CAT engine with U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards. The type of engine used by the 415F2 is the Cat C3.4B engine which can work properly without the help of DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid), even this machine can generate power up to 55 kW (68 hp). Apart from that, the features in this machine consist of three excellent features namely limited operator interaction, diesel oxidation catalyst and diesel particulate filter. In addition, there are three choices of brake mode, namely two-wheel drive, two-wheel drive with braking on all wheels so that the tires are durable when used, and the last is four-wheel drive.

                Behind a superior machine, there are operators who are experts in operating the machine, the operator's expertise is also of course supported by its comfort while in the operator's station. So the operator station is designed to be as comfortable as possible starting from its spacious size, completeness of its features, attractive room design with automotive characteristics, adjustable air suspension seats, loading lever that has a differential lock button, and so on. Not only that, there are also other control systems commonly found in backhoe loaders, some of which are an optional ride control system that makes it easier to move around the work area, then there are background controls that contain hydraulics as well as optional joystick controls so that they can provide feedback to the work area. operators, there are also premium measuring clusters, and security in and out of the CAB.

            The advanced hydraulics designed on the 415F2 consist of three parts, namely load sensing hydraulics, hydraulic valves, and hydraulic lines. In this load sensing hydraulics uses an application in order to accelerate engine performance, of course, by making adjustments to the flow and pressure according to orders. Usually there are two modes that are often used in using these applications, namely when full excavation or excavation in a complicated area. Then the hydraulic valve with the best configuration does not have the slightest machine manipulation, but is able to process hydraulic fluid along with the surrounding implements. As for this hydraulic line, it combines two-way and one-way flow so that the machine is multifunctional and can efficiently regulate the running of hydro mechanical tools. So that the hydraulic system can have a positive impact on this tool, some of which are it can save fuel, reduce component wear, increase engine speed, to optimal but quiet performance.

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