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Princess Mechtilde zu Leiningen, Frau Bauscher (1936-2021)

Princess Mechtilde zu Leiningen and her husband Karl-Anton Bauscher speak with Hereditary Prince Kraft zu Hohenlohe-Oehringen at the funeral of Fürst Kraft zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg, 2004.

On 12 February 2021, Mechtilde Bauscher died at Bamberg. She was eighty-five years-old. 

Princess Mechtilde's mother Grand Duchess Maria Kirillovna.

Born at Würzburg on 2 January 1936, HSH Princess Mechtilde Alexandra zu Leiningen was the fifth child and third daughter of Fürst Karl zu Leiningen (1898-1946) and his wife Grand Duchess Maria Kirillovna of Russia (1907-1951). Karl and Maria, who married in 1925, had seven children born during their union: Fürst Emich (1926-1991; married Duchess Eilika of Oldenburg), Prince Karl Wladimir (1928-1990; married Princess Marie Louise of Bulgaria), Princess Kira-Melita (1930-2005; married Prince Andrej of Yugoslavia), Princess Margarita (1932-1996; married Fürst Friedrich Wilhelm of Hohenzollern), Princess Mechtilde, Prince Friedrich (1938-1998), and Prince Peter-Viktor (1942-1943).

The death notice of Mechtilde Bauscher (née Princess zu Leiningen).

On 25 November 1961 at Amorbach, Princess Mechtilde zu Leiningen married Karl-Anton Bauscher (b.Grafenwöhr 26 August 1931), an engineer and the son of Rudolf Schöll and Hedwig Fischer. The Bauschers had three sons: Dr. Ulf Bauscher, Berthold Bauscher, and Johann Bauscher. Mechtilde and her family were very close to Prince Andreas of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha and his family.

May the Princess Rest in Peace. 

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