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Caterpillar: Three Axle Articulated Trucks 730 EJ


        Caterpillar is a well-known company that has produced a wide range of highly reliable, safe and high productivity machines. One of its products, the Three Axle Articulated Trucks 730 EJ, uses a proven engine in the form of a Cat Tier 4 Final engine, also known as Stage IV. The use of the engine on this truck apparently also involves various EU Stage V engines with electronic components inside. Both machines are excellent, especially in optimizing airflow because each machine implements an innovative air management system that makes it easy to do. In addition, the machine used is also supported by paint dealers because in addition to its lower costs, this tool is able to work optimally even in a long period of time.

        Several machines in operation are likely to produce large or small amounts of NOx emissions. As with this tool, it also produces NOx emissions, so it requires a paint NOx reduction system so as not to cause excessive emissions. The working principle of the system is to direct the exhaust gas that has been captured and cooled to the combustion chamber. In addition, other ways to reduce NOx emissions are also carried out by injecting Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) into the exhaust gas according to the rules of the Selective Catalytic Reduction system. In addition, in an effort to increase the responsiveness of this tool, it offers a sophisticated and durable injector in the form of a MEUI-C injector platform that is able to influence the fuel rate so that it is more precise, produces more precise injection pressure, and is able to control soot. 

        The truck's automatic control is in the form of Advanced Automatic Traction Control (AATC), which ensures smooth and efficient manual operation by reducing tire and driveline wear. When conditions change, the AATC is also able to provide optimal traction by locking between the axles while operating. In addition, in the face of sharp turns, you can release the clutch automatically so as to minimize the occurrence of conflict. There are also various configurations of the brake system based on their respective functions, including the service brake which is activated in neutral so that it functions in the load area properly, then the service brake which is activated by hill assist so that it can assist the operator in dealing with a “roll- back ”, and closes the wet disc brakes for long lasting use of the machine. These improvements make this tool superior in many ways, especially equipped with a world-class cabin design.

Bona Pasogit
Bona Pasogit Content Creator, Video Creator and Writer

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