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What is the best life advice you would give?

Cute ideas for long-distance relationships,you have to know. My boyfriend and I are off-site love, basically, we go off work every night together online chat, will play PUBG Mobile, will sing together. Let’s sing: You or the other person sends a bunch of songs you can sing, let the other person choose.

Choose two choices one

is to do the choice question, although very boring, talk more can enhance feelings, for example, I will ask first there is chicken or first have eggs, he said there are eggs first, I said there is chicken first, and then began the debate.

Interview truth

I like this best because I’ll ask him any questions I want. For example: What do you like most about me? How long have you been in love with me? Every time he quibbled, he was particularly shy.


I also like, is that two people play two roles, acting, drama can be modelled on TV drama novels like my words are generally casual, every time I have no bottom line can let him shout. Off-site love is really hard, but if a relationship has not experienced the pain of off-site love and tempering is incomplete, in fact, this kind of heart-splitting lung miss is also a kind of enjoyment, because off-site, so we cherish every minute and every second together. 

Buy a lover‘s clothes

for example, I’ll ask my boyfriend to wear his clothes, and it’s best to agree on a time period to meet once, such as once or twice a month. On the days when you can’t meet share the anecdotes, you’ve encountered in your life. We’ll share our morning and dinner. My cooking. Share the fun things you encounter every day. I would send him food photos to seduce him and use his nematicity to deliberately anger him. 

He’ll write me a love letter

My boyfriend’s handwriting is super good-looking. Off-site love is very important to learn to express, sometimes just need each other’s concern, do not suffocate in the heart, do not cold war. In fact, at that time clearly need each other, so when you are angry to think about their real needs, compared to let him guess, it is better to express them directly.

You can also agree on a fixed contact time. In this way, the two sides can be arranged in advance, to avoid the situation is always right, even if there is something delay can be said in advance. For example, you agree to a 9 p.m. video phone every Friday night, if something happens to one party, let us know in advance, or you’re too busy to have a good night’s rest. Second, the pace of life as far as possible synchronization. For example, get up together in the morning and go to the supermarket on Saturday morning. The purpose of this is to make the other person feel that you are not far from his life. Finally, the conversation was diverse. Many people say that people who are in love with different places can not find a common topic, after all, everyone’s living environment and things are not the same, that is, we are too rigid in “talking” about this matter. Chatting doesn’t have to be asking me for an answer. You can comment on a book you read together or even play different roles when you answer the phone and read love poems for each other. This is such a “do”, but let this off-site love lasting heating up.

Point takeaway

Know his/her dorm address, go to the building in detail, remember what she/he likes to eat during daily chats, and give him/her order a takeaway. (Note!) Be sure to make sure that she/he is 100% near home for a certain period of time, otherwise, it will be counterproductive), so that’s where today’s sharing ends. What good tricks can be shared in the comments area?

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