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What are straight-up facts people won’t swallow?

Like a person can’t be hidden, the average boy as long as you have these five performances, is to imply that “I like you”, do not miss.

1. Eyes will always pay attention to you

All said that like a person’s eyes can’t be hidden, look to the person you like and any ordinary person’s eyes are absolutely different. Seeing that the eyes of the person you like are full of light and affection, your every move can attract all his attention. Laughing brightly is moving, sadness is so lovely. In short, everything about you gave him endless illusions.

Boys love you or not, a look can be seen.

2. He pays special attention to everything you have

He likes you, so even a little bit of movement is enough to attract all his attention. All you have he is willing to understand, your mood, your learns, your stress, even your small advantages and bad temper.

He likes you, and even every message you send on FB, he’ll read it as a reader.

3. He like to meet you

If you chat with a boy on the Internet, it’s particularly good. But after a while, he didn’t offer to meet you or eat or watch a movie or anything, so I’m sure he just had a good feeling for you, and that kindness didn’t rise to the point where he wanted to be with you. 

So look at whether a boy really likes to want to be with you, depending on whether he is willing to chat on the line after you have further action. Boys who just want to have an affair with you just want to flirt with you online, but they flinch when they come into contact with reality. Maybe he doesn’t like you so much, but at this time just relatively empty and lonely, and you just appear.

4. Do not exclude physical contact with you

Like a person’s body is the most honest, will long to walk with her, will want to hold her hand, even those walking together when unannurised touch, in fact, the heart has already set off a wave of shock.

5. In front of you, he is an action man

Perhaps usually you see him is a lazy arrogant person, cold and hard to approach. But if you are sick or injured, he will appear in front of you the first time to take you to the hospital to see a doctor, or buy good medicine to your door, tell you to eat on time, then he must like you. Who doesn’t like you, who’s going to spend so much time on you?

6. Like to express yourself, pay attention to the image in front of you

Every time he appears in front of you, he cares deeply about whether his clothes are neat or not, whether his hair is messy, and he is afraid that he will give you the impression of being lazy. Also, if he has the opportunity to communicate with you, he will try his best to show his knowledge, experience and experience. Maybe you’ll think he’s too good to behave, but he’s just trying to let you know he’s good, and he’s not like that in front of others.

7. Remember your preferences

He will remember what dishes you like to eat, what colors you like, what style of clothes you like to wear, and even your physical period. He’s familiar with things you don’t like, even more than you do. Even if you say something unintentionally, he will remember it clearly. He’ll probe your break, find out where you want to play, and then silently keep it in mind and try to help you achieve it later.

8. If you socialize with the opposite sex, he’ll be jealous

If you are close to the other opposite sex, he may pretend to occasionally ask if you are interested in the opposite sex. If you boast a few words about the opposite sex, he may be jealous for a few days and ignore you. It’s possible that the first second you’re still talking and laughing, the next second when you hear your compliments to the boy, he starts to get angry with you and deliberately keeps you away from the boy.

9.When a boy likes you, he will give you special treatment

He may do you a little favor, or he may try extra hard to make you laugh. No matter what that special treatment looks like, he picks you out for a reason, because you’re more important to him. In his eyes you are not just an old friend, you are very special. That’s why he subconsciously doesn’t treat you like everyone else. But how do you know when you got special treatment? Pay attention to the way he interacts with his friends? Is it exactly the same or just doing something special for you? If he does, it’s not just a coincidence. That special treatment means he likes you.

10. Five more minutes

When a boy likes you? He didn’t want to say goodbye. He’ll keep making excuses to spend more time talking to you, or just five more minutes. They don’t know how much they care about you inside, until you leave, and then suddenly there’s a reason to fight for you. So if he keeps asking you to stay, if he keeps creating reasons to spend time together, he probably likes you.

11. Sincere eyes

When you like someone, you want to spend more time looking at him, and so does your body, which is why when you’re with someone you like, you spend less time blinking. Because before you know it, you want to see more of that person. So your eyes are open longer. More interestingly, when two people like each other, they sometimes blink at the same time. The findings come from a 2013 study published by the Society of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

12. Constant flirtation

Flirting with girls is another common way for boys to show their preferences. Many boys have some habits or quirks of teasing their favorite people and flirting with girls. If he enters the court to flirt with some of your habits, it also means that he has been watching you and can notice your habits only because he pays special attention to you.

In other words, flirting is also a way for him to express his concern.

13. Changes in sound

If a boy likes you, his voice may become different, according to a 2014 study in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior. Some people speak in a higher tone, while others speak faster, which makes them sound rushed and nervous. But if you talk to a boy and the tone of his voice changes, it means he wants to get your attention.

14. Imitate your movements

If he really likes you, he doesn’t just think you’re attractive, he worships you and respects you. I don’t even realize that it wants to be more like you, which is why many boys will unconsciously steal your phrases and gestures. They don’t just reflect your body language, they incorporate your language and habits into their own behavior. If you notice that someone is imitating you, he may like you better than you think.

15. He will always try to get close to you, will always appear in your sight, will always have an unexpected “incident” with you, will always find a way to know your daily trip.

16. He always mentions you unconsciously. Sometimes the mouth said do not like, in fact, the heart has already told you countless times.

At this point, you can properly release some IOI (interest indicators, that is, to show a good feeling for the other person) and see how the other person reacts. IOI can be released by increasing eye contact, increasing physical contact, tilting the body in the direction of the other person at the appropriate time, and observing the other person’s reaction. If, after you release the IOI, the other party still does not have the meaning to upgrade your relationship, it is basically certain that you have not reached a certain level of affectment.

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