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Port Machinery 6

Portal Slewing Crane

        Portal Slewing Crane is a type of port machinery from Sany production that is capable of operating smoothly and with a high level of safety. The Portal Slewing Crane consists of eight models with the highest rated hoisting capacity located on the MQB4535S model which reaches 45 / 50T and the highest wheel base reaching 12m, which is located on three models consisting of MQG4037S, MQG4040S, and MQG4043S. The models that are included in the portal slewing crane category are designed with a variety of smart and sophisticated features. Starting from the first feature in the form of fully automatic tracking for the slewing spreader. This feature has its own tactics such as making fast movements on the spreader with the same and of course opposite angles and the angle of the slewing crane can be countered. In addition, with the automatic tracking, the intelligent compensation algorithm is sent to the position of the sweling motor and the angle of the slewing crane to the spreader.

        The footprint is also included in this tool because it can optimize scrambling data in one or more cycles. The data referred to consists of slewing angle, luffing angle, wire rope dropping distance, acceleration and decreasing time. This data is very important because accuracy is needed so that the results can be as expected and not messy or a fatal error occurs. In this optimization effort, a data grab recording is needed that automatically repeats the movement, so that this tool is very reliable and secure. Besides that, there are also other features in the form of over hoisting prevention for the hook which is a protection when carrying out the lifting mechanism while ensuring its safety, and this feature is also very efficient and effective.

        The portal slewing crane also applies environmentally friendly technology in the form of energy recycling technology. With the use of this technology, air pollution in the surrounding environment can also be avoided, because of the ability of this technology to withstand pollution from higher harmonic voltages from entering the network. This can happen, because of the change from dynamic and potential power to electricity which is then recycled to the grid. In addition, there is also a speed protection feature for the mechanism that plays a role in preventing a hard impact by this tool by calculating the precise and accurate lifting point acceleration.

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