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Port Machinery 5

 Loaded Empty Container Handler

        Heavy equipment that acts as a container carrier is not only the reach stacker, but there is one other heavy equipment that has the same role, namely the Loaded Empty Container Handler. The stability of this tool is also very high because of its precise and strong structural design, so it is very suitable for lifting containers. Not only that, this type of empty container handler also consists of many features such as hurdling twin container spreader, extra high mast design technology, patented pole clamp alarm technology, patented horizontal spreader combustion technology, and so on. These features are found in two models that fall into this category, namely SDCY410K5H4 and SDCY450K3H4.

        Both models consist of the same features but have different max load capacities, namely the SDCY410K5H4 41T and SDCY450K3H4 45T, but the wheel base is the same, reaching 6000 mm. The control system that is very useful in using this tool is the dynamic power matching control system. Of course, this control system can recognize dynamic power very well based on the changing load and also adjusted to the engine speed. In addition, a tool with a stacking height of around 3 (9'6 ") - 5 (9'6") is also very energy efficient because the energy output will be adjusted to the workload.


Electric Empty Container Handler

        Electric Empty Container Handler is one of Sany's productions that is able to become the pioneer of ECH electricity. This tool not only has a dynamic sensor system, but also consists of a sensor feature in it. The sensor system refers to the hydraulic load which functions to adjust the pump displacement freely so that both are balanced so that the process can run smoothly. This is the effect of too economical consumption of fuel and energy. Even so, this is not something bad that should be avoided, it has a good impact on the effectiveness and efficiency of the performance of this tool.

The model of this electric empty container handler consists of only one model called SDCE90K7 with a max load capacity of up to 9T, stacking height 7 (8'6 "), and a wheel base of 4550mm. This model has economic principles with the use of a new fuel technology, namely LNG. However, the fuel is not only cost effective but also very environmentally friendly. So that with the use of LNG fuel, the project location area will not be disturbed. In addition, although LNG is still relatively new, it is quite well known, such as in the United States, this fuel has been used mainly for large-sized transportation.

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