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4. Crane Machine

200-320T Lattice Boom Crawler Crane

        200-320T Lattice Boom Crawler Crane from Sany has a high level of safety because to achieve maximum productivity the system must be controlled in order to minimize the occurrence of an accident. The design of this type of crawler crane is of course designed with sophisticated and intelligent machines so that security is increased. Not only that, the operator's comfort is also the main thing that needs to be considered in order to create safety, so this tool is assembled with a new cab which makes the cab design look more beautiful, safer and more comfortable, so the operator can control this tool very well while operating. 

        The transportation performance of this tool is the same as the previous type of lattice boom crawler crane, namely designing each transportation unit independently. There are also several models included in the 200-320T lattice boom crawler crane, namely the SCC2800A, SCC2000A, and SCC2500A. Each of these models has a max lifting moment of 1620t.m, 1152t.m, and 1380t.m. As for the max boom length, there are 2 same models, namely the SCC200A and SCC2500A models which reach 85m, while the SCC2800A models reach 86m. In addition, it should be noted that the modular design is adopted by all machines in this type of lattice boom crawler crane.


350-800T Lattice Boom Crawler Crane

        350-800T Lattice Boom Crawler Crane is a type of Sany crawler crane that is superior to previous crawler crane types because it increases the lifting capacity to lift more material. This certainly affects the project completion time which will save more time and can immediately carry out work on the next project. The driver comfort in this type is the same as other types of lattice boom crawler crane, which implements a new cabin design to make drivers more comfortable and safe while working so that drivers can stay focused on operating this tool. 

        This type of lattice boom crawler crane consists of 5 models, namely SCC7000A, SCC6500A, SCC3500A, SCC4000A, and SCC8000A. Among the five models that have the highest max lifting capacity, the SCC8000A model reaches 800T. The max lifting moment range for this type of crawler crane is 4699-12000t.m, while the max boom length range is between 168-331.5m. In addition, another performance that the 350-800T lattice boom crawler crane has is that there is safety insurance provided during boom travel and during the lifting process.

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