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Ore Processing Equipment Part 7

Spiral Chute

            Is a mining material filtering tool with a particle size of 0.3-0.02 mm. Some of the particles that can be filtered with this tool are rutile, gold, tantalum, tungsten, niobium, coal, zircon, and other types of metals. The working principle of this tool is to place the particles on the support table, then sorting is done by placing the particles on the surface of the spiral groove through the bunker. Furthermore, the particles will be separated radially according to their respective quality (usually made of 4 classes) thanks to the interception trough of the valve product in the spiral groove. The final result of all product particles will be accommodated in a circular cylinder bucket and ready for further processing.

        Spiral Chute is deliberately made with a simple design in order to facilitate the operation and maintenance process. Some of the advantages of this tool are light machine weight, low engine noise, spiral sheet made of glass steel, multi-tube ore distributor, easy machine control, strong spare parts, and uniformly filtered ore yield. smoother. The Spiral Chute also has a fairly reliable performance in its class, which has a working capacity of 4-6 t / hour.


Spiral Classifier

            Just like the Spiral Chute, the Spiral Classifier is also a tool for classifying ore by filtering the product. The concept is to take advantage of differences in density and sedimentation rate of each particle in the water. Where coarse particles will sink, while fine particles will float. The ore that is still coarse will be filtered back on further filtration, while the fine particles will be removed and collected. So this tool is well automated, the machine material used comes from strong steel plates, allowing for quality and long machine life.

The Spiral Classifier has a model name FG-3 with a spiral diameter of 300 mm, and a spiral rotating speed of 12-30 r / min. Allows it to work optimally and quickly. The simple machine structure also makes machine operation easy and convenient. This tool is also equipped with two types of lifters, namely hand lifters and electric lifters.

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