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Stone Crushing Plant Part III

Stone Crushing Plant 150-180 T/H
The crushing and filtering system used by stone crushing and screening plant type machine is in the form of jaw and impact crushing plant 150-160 t/h. Both systems certainly have a very important role to play in completing a project in order to get the most out of it. Components include the PE750*1060 jaw crusher, the PF1315 impact destroyer, and the GZD1100*4200 vibrating feeder. There are also other components in the form of B800*17M belt conveyors that have the function of transporting large quantities of units.

Stone crushing plant 150-180 t/h is equipped with a type of motor in the form of AC Motor that is able to help the performance of the tool run very smoothly. There is also a vibrating screen component that serves to sift through the material in order to form the size to suit your desires. It also has the same centralized electrical control system as the stone crushing plant with a capacity of 40-60 t/h and in serving the customer's needs it also provides other equipment such as dust catchers. In addition, this tool is very suitable for medium investment, as it will be ideal for customers.

Stone Crushing Plant 200-250 T/H
The potential of PE750X1060 in stone crushing plant 200-250 t/h is utilized as an early jaw destroyer with quarry line application. The size of the enlarged outlet is done in practical production so that it can work efficiently and be able to produce more products with a very rapid improvement. In addition, an extension of the engine service time and savings to production costs are made, making it very profitable for buyers looking for stone crushing plant with affordable but maximum production costs in working.

Efficiency to its performance is also affected by round vibrating screens throughout the filtration process, so accuracy in the classification stage of raw materials will be achieved. As for the secondary destruction process carried out by two PF-1214 type impact destroyers with the same up time. There is also a finished product shape that is expected to be in the form of a regular cube with a high level of pressure strength and is classified as smooth making there are no cracks in it. This tool is very suitable for use against a wide range of construction projects, such as speedways, tunnels, etc., or rather it is used for further analysis for more perfect results.
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