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Sinounique: Stone Crusher Part VI

Raymond Mill
Raymond Mill is a milling tool designed with a three-dimensional structure accompanied by the stability and reliability of its transmission, making it look simple with effective and efficient working capabilities. This tool is suitable for milling against limestone, calcite, ceramic, barite, marble, and so on. Various carbons can also be milled by these tools, such as activated carbon, black carbon, and others. As for the category of raw materials that can be milled by this machine is raw materials that have a hardness level of Mohs no more than 7 with a humidity level of < 6%. In addition, there are main requirements of raw materials to be processed, namely non-flammable and non-explosive.

In its working principle, of course, this tool involves other machines to help achieve the milling process, some of which are Jaw Crusher, Bucket Elevator, and Vibrating Feeder. Initially the raw material will be destroyed first by Jaw Crusher of the desired size, then bucket elevator will send it to Silo, until the material is imported into the mill. Then done the milling process until producing the final product with a range of 30-325 mesh as desired. While products that are not suitable size will be grinded back in the milling room. When the device is operating, all systems are airtight with negative pressure.

Crawler Drill
Crawler Drill model KY100 is one of the tools used in the world of mining with him. Crawler Drill known as wagon drill or crawler drilling drill is used to drill against blast holes below 30 m above the rock. It is designed by a 2-cylinder diesel engine so its reliability while operating is unquestionable. Moreover, it is supported by its great power and very strong capabilities. The adoption of patented devices is also done by this tool to regulate the air ducts that enter the diesel engine so that it lasts long during use.

This tool is very well designed and certainly very attractive, equipped with a canopy, the use of swing-beam type in adjustment of travel control mechanism with position when operating that can be done on the side or behind. Its high adaptability makes it able to adapt on mountain roads. Other factors that support the performance of this tool are the special hydraulic consumption and gear transmission that has been adopted by this tool, in order to increase the stability and to make the system more reliable. In addition, the height of the horizontal hole and the angle of the drilling hole can be adjusted to the liking.
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