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How To Password Protect a Document Word File

Documents can be especially valuable to someone darting through the document concerning the data of a company that should not be known to many people, so we have to provide security so that only certain people can read or edit document data that we have.

Ms Office is equipped features that can secure data file our documents so that the document we will be kept confidential. and here is a  tutorial how this gives us a password on the document to be safe. 

1. textile bouquetMS Wordnow.  

2. preparePasswordyou wish to enter.  

3. pada masuk  file  > Klik  Info  > Pilih  Protect Document s>  Encrypt with Password
4. and a new window will appear as shown below. you just enter the password to your liking. Eg "ABCD @ # $% 
5. From ClickSaveorOK   


There is little difference in Ms Word 207     you could do it like the following tutorial      

1. KlikOffice Button>> klikPrepare>>Encrypt Document    

2. follow the next steps and press Ok or Save

Well that was a little tutorial Ms Office Hopefully benefit us all, greetings tutorial Ms Office Indonesia
source: http://www.belajaroffice.com/cara-memberi-password-pada-office-word/
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