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Calculating sin cos tan (trigonometric functions in Excel )

 Sin Cos Tan is a type of count to calculate that probably many people who still spur to determine the value in the form of sin cos tan. because this blog discusses MS Office tutorial so we will menyelelesaikan Sin Cos Tan problems by using one of the MS Office software, of course, Ms Excel spreadsheets software. 

Immediately, we entered on a simple tutoril are not many in the know a lot of people, may be useful.

Name: How to Calculate SIN COS TAN
Software : MS EXCEL
Time: 10 Minutes.

1. The first step is to open the first program of your Excel ms. His version is up types like 2007 2010 2012 2016 2017 or later clear this tutorial can be run on MS Excel version of the above.

2. create a new document (CTRL + N )

3. create a data such as the following (for exercise)

Calculating Value SIN

  • Click on an empty cell SIN
  • type the following command 
  • = SIN (RADIANS ( then click on Cells number 0 ( it is clear that that will count his SIN value is the number 0 )

  • then Enter, and now you already know the value of SIN 0

Calculating the Value COS TAN

to calculate the value of COS and TAN can be used the same way, only for the part of the different commands you can see the command for COS and TAN
  • To find the value of Cosine is also almost the same way, the difference in lagkah 2. Write = COS (RADIANS (
  • To find the value Tangen is also almost the same way, the difference in lagkah 2. Write = TAN (RADIANS (
and the results were as follows
Thank you very much for reading  the formula arctan Sin Cos Tan  excel may be useful for all of us, do not forget to Like and Share yes. You see ..
wassalamukalikum ...
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