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Study on Loans and Advancess for DCC Bank Main Branch Nayakaman

Study on Loans and Advancess for DCC Bank Main Branch Nayakaman

Internship is a system of arrangement, requiring a student to work is in organization for a specific period of time after completing requisite number of degree and post-graduate courses. Internship has certain specific objective such as to. 

  • Improve a report writing skill 
  • Apply management knowledge to practice 
  • Helps to develop plans includes long term and short-term plans along the financial detail 
  • To understand the functioning and working condition of the organization
  • Selection of an bank for internship 

The organization selected for working in internship project is DCC BANK main Branch nayakaman Bidar for fulfillment of requirement of MBA project in visvesvaraya technological university, belagavi. It is an opportunity to everyone MBA student for learns the practical aspects of the bank.


A study of financial statement on LOANS AND ADVANCES for helpful in future days for working in the any kind of banks of other financial institutions and understanding of the financial statements of the banks accounting of bank balance sheet of loans and advances. 

The loans and advances understanding the how to takes loans for agriculturalist and other self-help group people and big industries.

Understanding of the bank percentage of depending loans for short term loans and long-term loans percentage and other requirement documentations reference and agreement of the loans and advances and rules and regulation of the district peoples. 

Definition of ‘Loans’ The term loans refer to the amount borrowed by one person from another. The amount is in the nature of loan and refers to the sum paid to the borrowers. Thus, from the view point of borrowers, it is borrowing and from the view point of bank it is a lending.

Advantages of loans and advances: It takes a finance degree to know that the current economy is tough. Unemployment rates are still at an all-time high, and many corporations have gone insolvent, while others are barely hanging on by a thread. 

In fact, in today’s ever changing and flexing economic climate, business loans are about only option small business owners have for obtaining cash to furthers their companies. With an efficient business loans, almost any enterprise can see immediate capital wisely. 

Benefits: Another benefit of receiving a business loans is that, if the loan is to a company entity, loan will not usually have to be refunded by the business holder if the company fails, In the events of failure, the business is settled, which helps pay back part (sometimes bill) of the reserves borrowed.


This co-operative society started since from 100 years ago, these societies are constituent of the Indian financial statement judge by the role given to them it is a fulfil their range and therefore the range of societies they operate of the co-operative. 

Movement originated within the west however they have assumed asian country seldom anyplace else in the world, there business it has increased in the urban area now a day and recent year generally due to quick increase in the number of primary co-operative society. 

The co-operative society’s inwards in launch in India of 20th century as authorized efforts to make a later type of institute based on principal of co-operative management, organization, fitting for problems peculiar to India condition these society’s were conceive as substitute for cash lender. 

To provide timely and adequate short term and long term institution credit at cheap rules of interest. Within the formative stage co-operative societies rub on basis and their disposal activities were restricted to meeting to the credit demand of their member the idea of urban co-operative society was first spelt out Mehta Bansali committee 1939 which outline on urban co-operative society, provision of choice five(CCV) of society in regulation act 1949 as applicable to given duke of Edinburgh economy boom urban society in sector received to remainder boost at began diversifying its credit portfolio besides. 


It was in the 1921 when some co-operative of Bidar district, having full faith in the philosophy of cooperation central facilities for all farmer, at that time bidar district was under the regime of NIZAM of Hyderabad state. 

After re-organization of state the bank opened its first branch at Basavakalyan& than at aurad&Humanabad the activities of the bank have gradually increase therein which can be form statement branches covering all the revenue circle. 

The RBI granted the license to only 3 DCC bank in Karnataka on the basis of their achievement. Bidar DCC bank in one among & its license no. RPCD BG 83.C dated 15 july 1998. 

  • The co-operative movement in the bidar district 

The co-operative movement was started in the british period with an objective to encourage thrift, selfhelp& co-operation among agriculturalists, artisans & person of limited means. 

Commercial bank RRBS & co-operative institution in india have made considerable impact on economic in rural area by providing credit to farming and non-forming families but still large number of poor families in rural area depended on informal credit agencies due to nonavailability of adequate & timely credit on account of unsuitable systems & procedure rigid rules & security oriented lending system of banks. 

This is more so in the case of co-operative credit institution having centralized lending processes. Mostly land credit to those families. 

Having lands or other securities. To overcome these problem & with a view to help families, some co-operator of bidar district who had faith in the co-operation philosophy, started district central co-operative bank.

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